SPM® Solution

Various products based on using software, data science, and artificial intelligence to cover all management areas.

Smart Performance Management

Smart Performance Management (SPM)® is a coalition of global management consulting experts in the field of strategy, portfolio, project and performance management. Its aim is to empower organizations’ management and development through the use of advanced and innovative technological solutions.

We offer various products based on using software, data science, and artificial intelligence by infusing and employing them to cover all management areas in a comprehensive integrated way.

Our services & solutions are considered a one platform for all topics including Strategy Management, Portfolio Management, Project and Program and many other topics.

Our products

Smart Performance Management
SPM® is a comprehensive solution facilitating a full cycle of management from strategy planning to execution.
Smart Cybersecurity Management
SCM is an end-to-end solution to cover all Cybersecurity functions and needs.
Smart Vehicle Routing
SVR is a tool that helps optimize logistics costs and increase sales productivity.
Smart Maturity Assessor
SMA is an innovative concept and tool tracing root causes and evaluating overall organizational maturity.

Who is it for?

Executive Directors, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Office of Strategy Management (OSM), Corporate Performance, Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO), Teams, etc.

We adopt successful strategies and make innovation in your hands as Smart Performance Management (SPM)® Solution is an innovative concept to bring all management domains in a comprehensive & integrated digital solution that serves as a collaborative platform for all types of users, teams and management levels.

With (SPM)®, you can become one of the early adopters and first leaders to embrace the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution in management applications and business success.
This solution also includes robust features augmented by AI that make it necessary for any business leader in the modern era of rapid changes and competitive environment.

We foster advanced technologies by exploiting the latest technologies available, non-stop research & development, exploratory delivery style on the go and continuously improving delivery and style.

With our newly launched SPM® Solution, you can now design your strategy without restrictions into a balanced score-card or any other model, define strategy business plan with long and short termed KPIs within your predefined fiscal year, and establish cause-and-effect relations.

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